Mother of Hope Cameroon-MOHCAM is planning a Sanitary Pad Donation Campaign for Menstrual Education and the distribution of sanitary pads and MOHCAM’s health magazine to all underprivileged girls in rural communities in the North West, South West, Northern Regions of Cameroons affected by crises. Adolescent girls in the North West, South West  have not been able to go school and are faced with many challenges. Adolescent girls in these regions are vulnerable and open to STI’s, HIV/AIDS and becoming victims of teenage pregnancies. If nothing is done this will increase the rate of girls dropping out of schools and a high rate of poverty in Cameroonian communities.The Menstrual Education Campaign and the distribution of sanitary pads is primordial to help girls make responsible choices. This campaign will enable MOHCAM to offer skill development programs within rural communities in partnership with the Local Council authorities. MOHCAM is soliciting for your financial donation to support this drive. All the money raised will be used to fund “Menstrual Education and Sanitary Pads Campaign for Underprivileged Girls”.


When we give we receive double-fold

Together let us give hope to the hopeless.