GirlForce: Unscripted and Unstoppable

IIMG-20191012-WA0124On the Day of the Girl, Mohcam in collaboration with PROWIP, a non-profit organization promoting the rights of women and indigenous people, celebrated with activities to highlight the importance of empowering adolescent girls and ending child marriage.

IIMG-20191012-WA0167.As we added our voices to commemorate the International Day of the Girl Child 2019 in Bamenda, we greatly reflected on the role played by adolescent girls in conflict and their courageous and innovative ways of surviving in difficult situations.

IMG-20191012-WA0112Their stories and smiling faces inspired us to keep up lifting and standing tall for girls affected by conflict, so they can fulfill their boundless potential. These girls are bright and hardworking, and when they must provide the chance to fulfill their dreams.

IMG-20191012-WA0111Their resilience and commitment to the mission of breaking the cycle of poverty through education gave us hope as we thrilled their young minds in basic leadership and livelihood skills. Empowering girls through education can, in turn, transform their aspirations, families, communities, and the country.


We believe that adolescent girls must be recognized and included as leaders in the fight for gender justice. We know that when we give adolescent girls a chance to learn they will able to light the paths of thousands.



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