Language as a Tool for Development

On the 8th and 9th of Agust 2019, Mother of Hope Cameroon participated in a capacity building workshop organized by the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism in collaboration with the United Nations Center for Human Rights and Democracy in Central Africa.

68826830_1249245461902730_7959451186996707328_nThis workshop was organized for members of the commission of Bilingualism and muti culturalism. Mohcam invited as an expert and one of the resource persons on the topic ”Language Discrimination” presented by her program director Cynthia Wakuna Sirri.

69176577_1249246111902665_8498468959874449408_nThis capacity building workshop which happened in Yaounde within the premisis of the National Commission, was aimed at building the capacities of members of the commission on anti-discriminatory tools and strategies in a bid to strengthen their capacities in preventing and combatting discrimination in all its forms.


It was also geared towards identifying the manifestation of discrimination in the current Cameroninan context and examine their impact on human rights.

68984110_1249245658569377_5544788451125100544_nParticipants included the 15 members of the National Commission on Bilingualism, the secretary-general of the commission, two members of the disabled person’s associations, a member of the indigenous people’s association and two women’s and human rights organizations including MOHCAM.

68832319_1249245761902700_8952808446034444288_nThe session on Language discrimination which was facilitated by MOHCAM’s Program Director, comprised of how language discrimination affects the multilingual nature of Cameroon, it’s national unity, undermining its origin which has led to the propagation of hate speech and how this relates to the ongoing anglophone crisis.



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