Sensitization Campaign for Youths on HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Cholera-North West Region

Context and Justification

As a result of the ongoing crisis in the North West region,the rates of new HIV infections and the spread of maleria and cholera among young people during the crisis period is probably at an increase.UNAIDS and UNICEF initiative continues to scale up HIV prevention, treatment and care services for adolescents.Teenage girls (15–19 years) are twice as likely to be living with HIV and AIDS (2% prevalence). Only 32% of teenage girls and young women (15–24 years) have comprehensive knowledge of HIV and AIDS compared to 41% of adolescent boys and young men.This is especially true for young adolescent girls or teenagers who have become victims of rampant rapes, sexual exploitation, forced and early marriages and prostitution. In a bit to curb the occurrence of these infections and to improve on the health conditions of young people, especially those who have been internally displaced. MOHCAM and partners in collaboration with MINSANTE will be carrying out a one day sensitization health campaign on the 24th July 2019 in the North West Region.This campaign is aimed at creating awareness and increase knowledge on HIV status among young people while equipping them with necessary health related tips on sanitation, hygiene and the prevention of HIV/AIDS, malaria and cholera. This campaign is open to young people from the ages of 14-21 years in Bamenda.

Main Objective

The overall goal is to equip young people with necessary health tips on the prevention of HIV, malaria and cholera giving that they are more expose due to the crisis situation within the region.

Specific Objectives

  • To raise awareness on the increasing rates of new HIV infections among young people.
  • To provide free screening on HIV and malaria for youth within the North West Region.
  • To re-echo the need for young people to get tested for HIV frequently.
  • To reduce the rate of cholera among young people in the region.

Planned Activities

One day sensitization campaign on the prevalence and prevention of HIV/AIDS, malaria and cholera for young people in the conflict affected region of Bamenda.

Expected Results

  • Increasing awareness on the prevalence and prevention of malaria, cholera and HIV
  • Increasing young people’s knowledge on how to handle incidents of cholera.


The sensitization sessions shall involve practical health presentations on the different health thematic while being participatory to ensure maximum understanding.

Date : 24th July 2019



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