Engage Youths in Peace Processes as the Solution and Not the Problem.

Peacebuilding is the process of bringing together broad and diverse individuals and organizations together around nonviolent goals and objectives.Peace building connects the dots, brings together community members to “end violence, end prejudice and promotes respect for all.

In most countries experiencing conflict and violence, youths are commonly perceived as perpetrators or victims. Their role as young people in relation to peace building, conflict management  and resolution has been greatly undermined and or not yet understood.

  Youths constitute over 70 percent of Cameroon’s population and are knowledgeable, energetic, dynamic, creative and talented. Youths should be used as tools in achieving sustainable development and the maintenance of peaceful societies. They should be given a space on the table rather than on the menu.

 Youths got the power to turn all problems into solutions; we are the solution and not the problem.

picy Congratulations Local Youth Corner Cameroon and partners for the opportunity given to youths to reinstate their actions in facilitating the peace process in Cameroon. Youths  play a significant and important positive role in preventing and resolving conflict and countering violence extremism as stipulated by the UNSC Resolution 2250   and as such their efforts and actions should not be minimized.The prevention and resolution of conflict is not the sole responsibility of the government but involves the combined efforts of all stake holders including, government, religious groups, women CSOs, youths etc in facilitating peace processes

The rate of youths not attending school, as well as university enrollment rates, seems particularly sensitive in periods of conflict. Youths often experience disrupted or no schooling. One of the most damaging effects of war is the way it disrupts and destroys Youth’s education. There is much evidence that education is really the best weapon against poverty and conflict.

imagesnArmed conflicts cause major damage and bring with them devastating consequences.It appears to be very difficult to re-establish peace after a period of conflict.The classroom should be a place of safety and security, not battlegrounds where youths suffer the most appalling crimes. Youths who are targeted in this way will be paying the price for the rest of their lives,

Peacebuilding is fundamentally rooted in the building of relationships and trust. it involves developing a process structure, which in turn involves redefining relationships, envisioning how people will work together in interdependent ways and changing the way people structure and conduct their relationships.These changes take place in settings where events are fluid, emotions are charged, violence has been immediately experienced by many people, and, more often than not, perceptions and misperceptions have accumulated over generations.

imageshj.jpgWe are young people and bear the brunt of the crisis scavenging our regions. It’s time for us to stand tall and act to preserve lives, properties and our future. Enough of the wailing, complains, self pity regrets and confusion, it’s time for meaningful actions towards peace building.  I can’t restate the dreadful impacts of the crisis for they are very much visible; it might be me or you tomorrow if we don’t act now.

 Zig Ziglar once said “you don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”, if we want peace we must work for it, there can’t be peace for us without us. You don’t necessarily have to start big,  just come up with minute initiatives   to foster peace and you will be overwhelmed with its impacts.

Peacebuilding is the set of initiatives by diverse actors in government and civil society to address the root causes of violence and protect civilians before, during, and after violent conflict. Peacebuilders use communication, negotiation, and mediation instead of belligerence and violence to resolve conflicts. Effective peacebuilding is multi-faceted and adapted to each conflict environment. There is no one path to peace, but pathways are available in every conflict environment. Peacebuilders help belligerents find a path that will enable them to resolve their differences without bloodshed. The ultimate objective of peacebuilding is to reduce and eliminate the frequency and severity of violent conflict.

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# IAmPeaceful

# PeaceIsStillPossible


Author: Zozian Tebo

Youth Project Coordinator at Mother Of Hope Cameroon – Mohcam

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