#Stop Nude Pictures of Women And Girls On the Social Media

As an activist for woman and girls, a feminist and a mother of girls, my frustration grows deeper every day when i see nude pictures of future women and girl leaders exposed on the social media because the perpetrators think it’s a means of punishment. I am tired of seeing the pictures of women and young girls reduce to nothing.

Young girls face enormous pressures to post “hot” or sexualized photos of themselves online, and this pressure can make the Internet an unwelcoming environment.

It has become a norm for ladies to send nude pictures to loved ones but these pictures disappointingly ended up being exposed on the social media for reasons best known by their perpetrators.

The woman, and most especially the African woman is loosing her identity, her pride,her world because of sexual exploitation, which is perceived as a quick way of getting stress free cash. Millions of women and girls are trafficked and lured to Kuwait,the Middle East, Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates and other countries for prostitution.They are tortured,sexual abused and their nude pictures circulated on the social medial by agents and traffickers.Worst till many of them are killed sexually.

Do women and girls really deserve such humiliations?

Where are our values?

These are our daughters,our sisters,our aunties,our nieces,our friends and most especially our mothers.Gone are those days when a woman’s nudity was regarded as a curse but today with a tweet you can send her nude pictures to thousands without any remorse.

Stop taking advantage of the vulnerability of women and girls to make money.Blackmailing is now a new form of scamming.

Money is gotten through handwork and determination. Not through blackmailing or the posting of Nude pictures

If your are a family member of those sharing these pictures,i think you also need some help because this is called madness.

This is sexual abuse of the highest degree.

The harm and pain you’re inflicting on these women and girls will affect them all their lives.

Are we building bridges or destroying them?

Creating conflicts or Peace?

Who are you to judge and take hold of a life because of some stupid excuses?

We know our girls need training on income generating and empowerment projects.They need more education on sexual issues,they’re curious and they’re going through puberty. They’re watching porn and they are immoral.They are adventurous.This may have an effect on how they behave and what they think about sex and sexuality.

But that does not give you the guarantee or any reason to tweet their nude pictures

Girls, You don’t have to get naked to be loved or to be considered one of the hottest girls on Instagram or Facebook.

Please do not exploit their ignorance and immaturity because these girls could be your in laws and policy makers in the future. Again the forces of nature will not allow you go unpunished. Even the heavens are angry against such acts.

Where are our spiritual Values?

Just Remember that you shall ripe and feel the pains you are inflicting on an entire generation.

This is a Human Right violation and an insult to womanhood.

And this has to Stop.








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