Menstruation Education And Sexual Abuse Outreach At Misspa Orphanage Mile 5 Nkwen- Bamenda.

The Education on Menstruation and the sensitization on Sexual Abuse prevention of vulnerable young people from the ages of 9-18years was the focus of the  workshop at Misspa Orphanage Mile 5 Nkwen- Bamenda.This sensitization and Outreach program was aimed at educating  vulnerable​  teenage girls about their bodies,their health,the irregularity about their Menstrual cycles and the use of washable pads.This was accompanied by the distribution of Sanitary Pads,pants and soap to assist girls during menstruation.This campaign was also aimed at keeping adolescent girls safe form rape,sexual harassment and teenage pregnancies.


On the 25th of May 2017, MOHCAM organized a campaign on menstruation education with about 100 orphans in Misspa orphanage mile 5 Nkwen. The program started at 10am with an opening prayer from one inspired orphan.This was then followed by a welcome address from the matron of the orphanage who gave a heartfelt welcome address. The Executive Director of MOHCAM then gave an introductory address  including the objectives of the outreach.

The program started with a motivational talk titled “SHOULD I WAIT TILL TOMORROW”. This stirred up the minds on the young people on their real personalities as the topic was aimed at boosting their self esteem.The topic x-ray the mindset of the young people with the following questions helping them to identify  ‘Who they truly are’ and ‘Who they are not. This helped the young people to cross examine their lives while finding out their potentials and purpose.This also brought to light their determination to change by acting now, and building the brighter tomorrow which they would have loved to see.


This was immediately followed by a powerful PowerPoint presentation on Puberty. This  enlightened the orphans on the different processes and reactions which take place in adolescents during puberty. The physical changes and challenges during puberty were examined in both the female(girls) and male(boys). This session was so  interactive as many questions were entertained.


Then came our Menstruation education session which was also signified the  commemoration of the Menstruation Day celebrated yearly on the 28th of May.The passion to break the myths, taboos and to expose the truth behind menstruation characterized this presentation. This topic been one of the most important could not be left out as menstruation education is the key in reducing teenage pregnancies among  vulnerable young people.


They were taught the importance and process of menstruation, the usage of menstrual beads, cleanliness during menstruation,the various menstrual products, Pads usage and most especially, a practically illustrated was accompanied on how to produce and preserve  washable pads.The young people were so excited on the talk on the menstrual cycle functioning and how to calculate the menstrual cycle. It was such an interactive but exciting and enriching session.


Many young people today, with a history of violence in the world, out of frustrated are found struggling and battling on how to survival. Some are influenced by destructive peer pressure and due to the lack of proper monitoring they end up in devastating situations. It is for these reason that MOHCAM had a presentation on the importance of Friendship and Team Work. This was accompanied by some tips in Business. They were taught about team work and its benefits. The presenter illustrated some practical steps on how to start up a small and  successful business with her story as a testimony.


Lastly was a presentation on sexual abuse accompanied by practical challenges faced by  young people who have been sexually abused.They were taught signs and signal used by abusers on young people. They were also taught how young people innocently engaged themselves in homosexuality, lesbianism and child pornography. They watched two videos on how young people were sexually abused. These videos played a great impact in the lives of the young people as they testified.They were encouraged to speak out and break the silence when ever they felt they were threatened and were going to be sexually abused. The young people were advised to face their fears,stay away from isolation and to build up constructive relationships. This presentations was so powerful and above all interactive.

The program rounded up with a demonstration of talents from three young boys who showcased their artistic skills by drawing the important points they had retained during the workshop. This was aimed at identifying the skills and encouraging young people with creative skills to demonstrate their talents. The young people drew various activities that were carried out during the workshop. At the end of the program they explained their drawings while emphasizing on the topics which had impacted their lives. They were encouraged with gifts to enable them continue with their passion and creativity.


The program ended at about 2:45pm with group pictures,the distribution of sanitary pads and female pants, excitement and smiles on the faces of the young people. The MOHCAM team donated sanitary pads, female pants and a cartoon of soap to help the young girls during menstruation.


They also donated a bag of rice, health and MOHCAM magazines. This was the little token which the MOHCAM team brought for the young people.They strongly believe that,these gifts will add some value in the lives of these young people and that they will never be the same again. This was a great time and MOHCAM wishes to do more as she plans to impact and empower many vulnerable young people in the subsequent months.


Happy Menstruation Day!!!!




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