Menstruation Education and Sexual Abuse

Mother of Hope Cameroon(MOHCAM) shall be organizing a skilled development health campaign to enhance the sexual reproductive health education of the young girls at Mispa Orphange Mile 5 Bambui, Bamenda, Cameroon.
MOHCAM will educate vulnerable​ teenage girls about their bodies,Menstrual cycle and HIV/AIDS.This will also be accompanied by the distribution of Sanitary Pad and free testing for HIV/AIDS.This campaign is aim at keep girls safe form rape,infections and teenage pregnancies during this period of crises when many teenage girls are out of school in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon.

This campaign will also be used for the commemoration and yearly celebration of the international day of Menstruation – 28th of May.
What happens to the futures and lives of young people when fundamental basic health education is a farfetched desire? Menstruation is not only a girl’s issue but the concern of everybody because it is the assurance of procreation, hope, life and the future with its generations to come.We are inviting all to join us and make this dream a successful one this year.


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