As a youth Leader and a volunteer of MOHCAM, Sandrine Diribe decided to develop the skills of the children in her neighborhood through some educational lessons. Education is a basic human rights and a necessity in our everyday life. A life without education feels like starvation from the future and one’s dreams. I realized this starvation during a walk around my neighborhood with a friend.  We could see children,playing, some engaged in games but then is this all they need?? We looked further into the situation, we saw vulnerable children and teenage girls exposed to deceitful young men around. Looking at the current situation in my hometown,I observed that the children were confused, frustrated, cut in the middle and don’t have a say in matters concerning their future during this period of uncertainty.
Many young people like myself are trapped with the challenge of learning new skills without some proper and formal training simply because we are idle .You can find many young girls in the markets learning hair dressing,decorations, tailoring and basic computer techniques.With the uncertainty and hope for a better future, We are told it’s a fight for our future but instead of feeling like assets that we are, we see ourselves been used as liabilities, with our elders trying to make their opinion count in the mist of confusion.These are some of the challenges faced by young people in crises situations. It’s commonly said that when two elephants are fighting the grass suffers.Unless you are caught up in this situation then you will understand what many young people are going through now. I never knew what going to school really meant until the experience i have encountered during this past six months. I started asking myself, why sit and wait when i can help teach the children in my neighborhood some basic lessons in Mathematics and English through practical work.
With the vision to serve as a life coach for children in my community, I decided to embark on an assignment through an engagement to become a little teacher in my community. This initiative is to keep the minds of the children educationally active and less exposed to societal ills against children such as rape, bad influence and from abusing each other. Through this they will be engaged in revising already taught topics from school and moved into topics still to be touched according to their classes. Building their abilities to read, coupled with extra activities such as drawing, singing, self-esteem development, skill building and community developmental activities such as waste management and small clean up campaigns.
Coupled with fun day outs for the children and physical exercises, promoting good health,gender equality and quality education. As well as team spirit. This is the little I can offer for my community.
Read more about Sandrine from the link below.







  1. I’ve had the greatest privilege of meeting Sandrine, and she sparked such deep inspiration within me. I pray the world soon discovers this gem 💓. Her words need to reach the multitudes in Cameroon and beyond. God bless her endeavours as a volunteer and more 😊

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