Enhancing Youth Action in Conflict Prevention and Peace building In Cameroon

18195093_664683883719062_5909448222732298202_nThe Executive Director of MOHCAM Adah Mbah in collaboration with Rev.Dr Ndogndeh Godlove of the Community Counseling Clinic (CCC) of the Cameroon Baptist Convention in Bamenda on the 27th April facilitated an activity empowering youth civil society actors as agents of rehabilitation and reintegration of People living with a history of Violence. The purpose of this Pass-It-On was to share the good practices  learned during the training workshop piloted by Local Youth Corner in Yaounde on reintegration and rehabilitation of violent offenders. The activity brought together 30 social workers, leaders of youth-led organizations and the officials of Community Counseling Clinic (CCC). This was a great opportunity in getting more young people share their experience and engage for the rehabilitation of violent offenders.There is a great need to reintegrate and link young violent offenders with their communities, and youth CSOs must play an important role.

Pictures1The Presentation of the project “Empowering youth civil society actors as agents of R-R was presented with the outcomes of the residential consultation and training (National R-R Network, Action Agenda). Education is a key factor of helping rehabilitate violent offenders and this can be formal or informal. Hence, through education people living with a history of violence know that they too are important.In our communities, we do not know where to run to when we are heartbroken. There are no rehabilitation centers likewise the qualified personnel to handle trauma.The people living with a history of Violence live in this situation and end up becoming perpetrators of violence. There is the need to go through the cycle of a violence decongestion process, so as to know where we are coming from and to where we are going to. These should be introduce in the lives of the people we rehabilitate and reintegrate.

PictureWe all have skills and talents which we can pass on to violent offenders so as to promote community peace. At the time in the Northwest and Southwest Regions, many children are not going to school. What have we done to integrate them in skills development programs. When dealing with psycho-social support,rehabilitate and reintegrate (R-R), looks at the human being from a unitary perspective, i.e. as a whole not as parts.Young people suffer most during conflict situations. They suffer from both internal injuries (trauma) and external injuries (wounds). All these need to be diagnosed and dealt with effectively taking into consideration the circumstances of these injuries.Most of the young people arrested and imprisoned during the recent uprisings in the Northwest and Southwest Regions need rehabilitation and reintegration. This is because of the horrible and new conditions they would have been subjected to while in detention.Life in the prisons is so horrible. It is an environment characterized by a lot of violence which is very traumatizing. There is the need for assessment, diagnosis, before engaging in a therapy.

18301680_664686487052135_6602793969859272040_nIf society fails to readmit and re-establish People with a history of violence,we would only be preparing in future violent generations. Despite Cameroon’s high exposure to unprecedented waves of violence from within and without, the judicious role of young people in preventing and disengaging other young people from radicalization and violence has not been sufficiently explored. The diverse frustrations faced by young people such as unemployment, social injustice, corruption, poor education and career orientation, interfaith and socio-religious radicalization has pushed many young people to the fringes of their own communities, leaving them with violent options of expression and even terrorism.The need for Rehabilitation and Reintegration for people with a history of violence is of great importance in countering and Preventing Violent Extremism in Cameroon.18301451_664686630385454_6685354173696989630_n.jpg


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