Enhancing Reintegration of Female Inmates through Donations in the Nkambe Central Prison.

Most of us  feel the anxiety of being lost in a maze, with no idea where to go in our lives. But sometimes this fog of uncertainty can be replaced by a creeping sensation that every path is a dead-end; that the maze is, in fact, a prison. We all have our prisons

For too many people, life has gone from bewildering to discouraging to hopeless.Many may feel frustrated, discouraged, heartsick, anxious, stressed and angry. As a person is beaten down further and hope ebbs away, this may turn into giving up and lifelessness. Are things around or within you looking pretty hopeless at present?‘consider it pure joy’ when we face various trials (James 1: 2)

“I just got into a cycle of staying in bed because I had nothing to wake up for. Then I began noticing my mental health getting worse and worse. This is a common phenomenon among the growing population of unemployed youths today. I became depressed and anxious.  I felt paranoid and edgy around people. I think that’s all because I didn’t have a routine and structured activity. I think that’s important for young people, to have something to wake up for in the morning, to have something to live for. I just decided to apply as a volunteer at Mother of Hope Cameroon. I just wanted to give back,offer my services to my community and add a smile on the faces of those in hopeless situations, trapped behind the Prison Walls”.


In prelude to celebration of the International Day of the woman on the 3oth of March  2017 and in respect of the LENT season, Teboh Rosaline one of  MOHCAM’s volunteer opted to pay a visit to the female inmates of the Nkambe central prison. She was accompanied by four young ladies who wanted to break the shackles and open the way to a better life for female inmates of the Nkambe central prison.

We arrived at the prison at about 11:30 am and we were warmly welcomed by the warders on duty and the prison inmates.The inmates were looking so cheerful as they sang some religious songs to grace our welcome.

We gave some basic training on how the women could over come stress and boost their self esteem.We talked on working on their entrepreneurial skills for self development.Then we taught them how to take care of their menstrual situations while at prisons.We further offered them some basic items  like rice, salt, corn,sanitary pad for the women, and some clothes to keep warm.The inmates through the voice of one of theirs offered thanks and prayed that the Lord will replenish our sources. The inmates were cheerful as they sang some religious songs to grace our visit.

Lastly, I encouraged the prisoners to serve their prison terms with fortitude and endeavor to take up the challenge to become better persons when they finally re-integrate in to the society. The visit ended at about 1p:m with the chief warder showing appreciation and encouraged us to come anytime in the next future.

“The human yearning for meaning and hope is not restricted to the poor and destitute.The state of the world today can look hopeless. Our individual lives can be overwhelmed with hopelessness. But there is a God, and He truly loves us and offers us real hope. Without God, there is no hope. But with Him there is a solid hope that can serve as “an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast” (Hebrews 6:19).”





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