Rebuilding Peace through Actions with with Inclusive Reach (#REPAIR 2017)

Rebuilding Peace through Actions with Inclusive Reach [#REPAIR 2017]


Ndah Praise, one of MOHCAM’s active youth advocate was part of the training of the Repackaging Youth Agency as a driver for social transformation and democratic governance from November 8-10 2016 and 28th April to 1st May 2017 in Yaounde. The network for solidarity, empowerment and transformation for All. #NewSETA mobilized young people from the ten regions of Cameroon under the platform “Rebuilding Peace Through Actions with Inclusive Reach-#REPAIR2017”. The vision was focused on transforming and empowering potential youth leaders with the required skills to be  agents of change in the society. Having deployed a complex array of human and financial resources towards the attainment of this endeavor,#NewSETA’s dynamic team set in a motion of sophisticated training modules, coaching,mentoring and Pass it on activities.


Engaging an approach that was simultaneously interactive and informative, a chain reaction of change was set in to culminated in the epic empowerment and transformation of more than 20 youth leaders and peace ambassadors. At the beginning of this process, like the rough diamonds they all needed  some polishing for the inner beauty to shine. They were drilled on topics such as the rule of law and constitutionalism, Elections in Cameroon, handling with conflicts in elections, Leadership topics, good governance, peace and democracy and a lot of motivational talks to help them carry out the change they needed.

After the 1st semester they were opportune to impact their communities by carrying on a Pass It On exercises (PIO). Ndah Praise was privilege to impact about 25 young leaders in Nkwen-Bamenda. This process enabled him in building his leadership skills and also in engaging in community development.He rounded up the program with the 2nd semester when he had a lot of interactive and practical exercises from facilitators from diverse fields of life. He is leaving REPAIR today as a REPAIR Alumni and a REPAIR Peace Ambassador.

Receiving a certificate from the Representative of the Minister of Youth and civic affairs as a Youth Envoy for Peace and Democracy. He believe he as a REPAIR Peace Ambassador will add his voice in bringing the change in peace building in his country. He has been empowered to empower young people in Cameroon.


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