Performance Based Financing in the Health System of Cameroon.

Performance-based financing is an approach to reform the health system including reform of resource allocation mechanism that is more efficient and more effective. Health facilities receive subsidies proportional to the results achieved and periodically receive a management autonomy that allow them to quickly improve their performance.

St John The Baptist Catholic Health Centre

The PBF mechanism was designed to increase the efficiency of health system inputs and to improve the coverage and quality of priority maternal and child health  (MCH) services by paying health facilities bonuses linked to the volume and quality of services delivered.UNICEF-Cameroon.

Bangolan Baptist Health Centre

MOHCAM being part of the Performance Based Financing health sector project in Cameroon.She was opportune to work with twelve health center and communities in Ndop in the North West Region to assess the health facilities and engage the community to better utilized their health structures and enhance development.

Bamunkumbit Integrated Health Centre

As a developmental based organization MOHCAM impacted  the live of women,men and youths in twelve communities in Ndop.The groups were delivered health tips,discussions on issues affecting their health and health structures.

Babungo Integrated Mental Health Care for Humanity

These moments were characterized by community and interface meetings were the community members and health service providers frankly discussed in relations to the problems they faced with their health facilities.Harmonized solutions were agreed upon between the health service providers and the community members representatives towards the development of sustanible community health facilities.

Hope Solidarity Health Centre

The meetings respected gender,minority groups, the role of young people and the place of persons living with disabilities in communities.The work of the community health workers were also evaluated by both the community members and the health facilities.Thank to the patronage of the World bank and the coordinating Manager Dr Shu Waters, many communities can boost of receiving quality services and implementing their business plan.

Baba I Integrated Health Centre

Performance Based Financing (PBF) is an innovative, results-oriented approach that incentivizes to providers based on their achievement of agreed-upon, measurable performance targets. Incentives include financial payments, bonuses, and public recognition. Similar incentives can also be used to motivate people to use services, to give birth at a facility.

Mbissa Health Centre

To strengthen health systems, PBF promotes effective management of performance-based contracts combined with host country capacity building, quality improvement of health services, strategic data use, and community involvement in health interventions to increase demand and support sustainable improvements.

St Theresia Health Centre Bamessing

PBF improves health service quality and quantity by incentivizing staff to improve performance and achieve results.PBF has increased the use and the quality of health care services, stabilizing or decreasing the cost of these services, supporting the effective use of limited resources, and improving staff motivation, morale, and retention.

Bamuka Rural Integrated Health Centre

Performance-based financing (PBF) is considered a key strategy for increasing the provision and quality of health services. Unlike traditional payment mechanisms, PBF directly rewards health care providers with financial incentives according to achieved results based on predetermined performance targets.

Yimso Clinic Mambim

The strategy has been used to strengthen health systems, improve provider and facility efficiency, and ensure accountability. Moreover, PBF can help to address common challenges among health care providers, including low motivation, insufficient empowerment, and attrition.

Mighang Integrated Health Centre

Performance-based financing (PBF) has been used increasingly to improve the quantity and quality of health services by directly rewarding providers with financial incentives based on achieved results.By aligning the interests and goals of the purchaser and health care providers, PBF has been shown to increase the efficiency of service provision while addressing common challenges among health care providers, including low motivation, attrition, insufficient empowerment, and a lack of accountability for results.

Bamali Health Centre

Despite this progress and steady investment by foreign donors into the health system, access to quality health services remains limited, particularly among those living in hard-to-reach areas and internally displaced by conflict. Health facilities frequently lack essential drugs and commodities and there are not enough qualified health workers to effectively meet the population’s needs, especially in rural areas. With minimal domestic funding for health care, government health facilities rely on out-of-pocket payments by patients, which are considered a major barrier to accessing services.


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