Widows Rights and Donations

On the 11th of December 2016, MOHCAM had a donation and outreach training workshop on the rights of widows from all over in the city of Yaoundé. This workshop was entitled “living remembrance and compassion”. The purpose of this workshop was to create awareness about Christ and to help them understand God’s purpose in their lives; reaching out to them with the gospel of salvation and deliverance. They were also educated on their rights against wicked customs and traditional practices.This was also a forum to share experiences of older widows with the younger widows, helping them to uplift their plights and to restore hope to the hopeless widows in distress.This saved as mentoring session with the older women serving as mentors to the younger widows.

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The program began with an opening prayer offered by one of the widows. After the opening prayer,then came the moment of praise and worship which greatly stimulated these women. After this dynamic moment, a word was given by Rev Mrs. Ngono Ruth from the book of 2 kings 4:1-7. These words reminding them of Gods faithfulness towards widows. This moment was closely followed by a time of intensive prayers, presenting their problems and challenges to the Lord Almighty.

After these moments a talk was given to them by Rev Mrs. Ngono to enlighten them on the purpose and activities of the organization (MOHCAM). These women were allowed to express themselves where many shared their experiences as widows, bringing out their challenges visa-visa raising up children, the torture, maltreatment and rejection they get from their in-laws. During this program it was discovered that most of these women were sick psychologically, emotionally and in their bodies due to the tortured they have being through. Many suffer from illnesses with no proper medical attention due to lack of money.

Next was the education on the rights of the widows with respect to the New Penal Code. After this phase, these women were led to a sophisticated dinner prepared for them by the organization to make them smile again. They all ate and drank and had a moment of relaxation.  30 widows attended this program.The program ended with the sharing of gifts. The sharing was done by the widows themselves where they each had a take home package. After which a word of encouragement and benediction was offered by Rev Ngono thanking God for Mercies and Blessings.


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