Empower Girls & Single Mothers

Well, there has been a lot happening and i thought i should share with you what Hannah West Design had written about MOHCAM some years back in helping her achieve her dreams and goals for women and girls education.

I met “Mother of Hope Cameroon (MOHCAM)” Adah Mbah of Cameroon through WorldPulse.com, an incredibly warm and supportive global community of women founded by Jensine Larsen of Portland, Oregon. What a brainchild Jensine gave birth to! Many of these women are beautiful writers, activists working on behalf of women’s rights, ending gender-based violence, environmental causes and more. The site itself concentrates on digital empowerment for women and girls around the world, helping them to find their voice and broadcast it over the internet by providing digital empowerment resources, a venue for support and overwhelming encouragement, and opportunities of many types to women.

Though I had been a member since 2010, I recently became active there to help my daughter Jennifer Faith to promote the book she wrote about her journey out of an abusive marriage and encourage women to visit her blog, jenniferfaith.org, for hope, encouragement, and the strength to begin their own journeys to freedom from violence and abuse.She recently wrote, directed, and produced a short film called The Journey which depicts her journey from abuse to freedom. The film has received critical acclaim as is being shown in over 40 countries on The Faith Unveiled Network, and the Spanish version of the film is being shown in Mexico, Central America and South America on the Almavision Hispanic Network. Through speaking engagements, television, radio, and the internet, she is bringing a message of hope and healing to others who are being abused by their intimate partners.She is honored to bring her expertise to MOHCAM as member of the Board of Directors. She believes that God will use MOHCAM to empower the lives of young women in Cameroon, all of Africa, and the world.

Mother of Hope Cameroon (MOHCAM), in her fight to educate single mums and girls, was organizing a three day digital empowerment workshop from the 28th-30th July 2014 to raise awareness on single mums and girl’s sexual reproductive health rights and basic computer skills. They were given the chance to learn more leadership skills, build self-confidence and better understand new marketable skills when using visual training tools. Watch the video to appreciate our works more on Girl’s Empowerment Workshop on Sexual Reproductive Health Rights.

Read More about MOHCAM’s works in  Empowering Girls & Single Mothers


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