Chromebooks: From Teaching Design Concepts To Visual Storytelling

20161129_224937On all Chromebooks, students, educators and parents can use Google Classroom to collaborate, stay organized and save time. The Classroom Android app is now available on Chromebooks and opens up new possibilities to students. With the help of a stylus-enabled Chromebook, students can complete their math homework for example by hand or sketch a visual for a science project by annotating documents directly in the Classroom app.

Students, teachers and administrators can also use their Chromebooks to try out the new Classroom features which was rolled out earlier this month. Now, teachers can assign work to a subset of students, rather than just the entire class, and use new types of Classroom notifications to manage assignments. For administrators, offers have been made available on the insight on how Classroom is used, with Classroom metrics in Admin Console reports.

It is also believed that the power of technology can help students learn how they learn best and teachers teach the way they find most effective. Google continue to work with educators in 2017 to build tools that support the important work they do every day.



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