Fighting Illegal Hate Speech Online; An Assignment For All

img_20161121_074559In the offline world, it’s usually clear what is acceptable behaviour and what is not. Those boundaries are just as important online, which is why today, the European Commission, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter have jointly signed a Code of Conduct which will help combat the spread of illegal hate speech online.

They are committed to tackling this important issue. The hate speech has always prohibited illegal on all platforms, and Community Guidelines have set the rules off the road on YouTube, including prohibitions on hate speech, terrorist recruitment and incitement to violence.

Efficient systems have been built to review the majority of valid notifications in less than 24 hours, and to remove illegal content. They have also cooperated with legal process so that governments are able to do their investigatory work and request removal of information that may violate local law. Beyond review processes, they also support NGOs working on counter speech initiatives.

They have welcomed Commission’s commitment to developing self-regulatory approaches to fighting hate speech online.  Looking forward to working with them and civil society groups to fight illegal content online, improve the experience online for users, and ensure that there is no space on any platforms for hateful content.

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