Strengthening Our Commitment To Racial Justice

img_20160608_142921The story of Eric is an exemplary one. From a young age Eric had an instinct that the greatness of every man lies in persistence, confidence and sacrifice and he was confident that he had the ability and willingness to make sacrifices to achieve greatness.

Eric spent his professional life in Yaounde working honestly and modestly under the various aspirational job titles of Marketing Consultant and Business Associate with private companies and individuals, thereby creating a catalogue of connections between man and his needs. In 2013, he obtained a Diploma in Customs & Transit, and the idea to explore other opportunities out the country was quite appetizing, so UAE was the perfect destination due to numerous reasons one of which raising capital to start up a business is feasible.

While in the UAE, he met an inspiring late Barrister Stephen Field, Advocate at Sanad int. law group and Yan Piang Oo, Senior Waiter at Mcgettigans World Trade Centre. Together, we soon participated in protests and closed door meetings with other victims of racial abuse – opening my eyes to non-technical solutions, and setting me off on a path that would eventually lead me to Mother of Hope Cameroon (MOHCAM), where today I lead giving projects focused on violence, human rights and peace building.

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More recently, incidences of racial violence have again dominated headlines in the US, with the killing of young men like Tamir Rice and Jordan Davis, the deaths of Michael Brown and Sandra Bland, and countless other acts of injustice. And it isn’t just heartbreaking individual stories. The data is troubling: African Americans are incarcerated at nearly six times the rate of whites. An estimated 40 percent of all students expelled from U.S. schools are black, and 30 percent are Latino. Of course, Mother of Hope Cameroon and other stakeholders need to do more to promote equality and opportunities for all.

Social innovators can help move closer to ideals of equality and justice. That’s why for the past years, Mother of Hope Cameroon have launch a new, dedicated effort to support those who are doing critical work to end mass incarceration and combat endemic educational inequality for students.

Today, I’m excited to continue the momentum to continuously bring public education work online and offline so that millions more can experience it.

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