Let Girls Learn Mentorship Program. “Keep Your #Rights4Life”


Let Girls Learn Mentorship monthly evaluation is a skill searching and empowerment processes of adolescent girls.It’s a program which is carried out for three years during which the adolescent girls is properly mentored before she moves into University. Mohcam recognize the importance of building the capacity and skills of adolescent girls through her monthly Mentorship and evaluation program. These programs are aimed at engaging and mobilizing future girl leaders who will champion the needs of young people and encourage strategic changes in policy and improvement in social service provision in schools and communities.


The meeting of Saturday, 5th of November 2016 was a forum for the girls to meet and share their discoveries and challenges.The girls shared their dreams and they were trained on career orientation,networking and self evaluation tips.They were also taught how to take care of their bodies and how to build health and productive relationships.They were given some examination tips and reading techniques.


Some three years ago, girls who had turned 13,were asked to write down what they wanted to become in future.This activity was done and the papers  were collected by the Mohcam team and kept for three years.After three years,the girls are now 16. and they are asked to write down again their dreams and aspirations.They did and then were given back their first dreams and aspirations which they had written three years ago.


Many girls discovered that they had changed their dreams but two others girls had the same dreams and aspiration.The girls were existed to discover that this papers had been preserved to help them evaluate their growth and discover their goals in life.They were so excited as they shared their expectations and reasons for the various changes.The activity is very important aspect as it helps girls to be consistent and focus on building their world.


Keep Your #Rights4Life is program aimed at educating adolescents on human rights and peace values.The girl Leaders champion and manage this program in the various human rights and peace clubs in schools and communities.This is a violence prevention program focused on countering violence extremism in schools and communities.The rights of  young people aged between 0-17 years like the rights to survive, grow and develop are enshrined in international legal documents.


The Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC), oversees the  rights  of adolescents to the enjoyment of their highest attainable standard of health, and a General Comment on realizing the rights of  development, building on existing CRC guidelines on the state of  obligations to recognize the special health and development needs and rights of adolescents and young people.The Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) is also an important tool for the rights of women and girls Rights of adolescents


Mohcam girls are educators and champions for change anywhere you find them.As leader servants that they are they are ready to make a difference in the lives of young people.


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