When There Is a Will, There Is Certainly a Way! Connecting Girls to their Dreams

Mother of Hope Cameroon (MOHCAM) through her Girl’s Scholarship Support Program is  connects underprivileged girls to their dreams with an educational comprehensive yearly support. A key component of the Girl’s Scholarship Support Program is connecting young girls to their dreams by providing school fees,books,uniforms,pants washable sanitary pads etc.The girls also benefit from a mentorship and leadership training for one year.Girls are selected after considerable investigation to attest to the fact that they are in need and are living in difficult situations.The scholarship is given to girls as from the ages of eight years to twenty years old from primary,secondary,high schools and university studies.

As Mothers of Hope, the Girls Scholarship Support Program is an opportunity for us to give back to our community and encourage many girls to go back to school joyfully.The program is also intended to ensure access to educational opportunities and to reflect the specific needs of underprivileged girls surrounded by poverty. The Girl’s Scholarship Support Program is committed to provide girls and their families with equal opportunities towards education. MOHCAM has been able to offer scholarships and other educational assistance to twenty girls for the pass five years with reliance funding from the donation of her members and friends.

We are determined to give hope to all through our support to keep more girls at school.

Melisa is seventeen years old and a form five student.She is a beneficiary of the 2016 Girl’s Scholarship Support Program of MOHCAM.She is an orphan and wants to become a teacher. She is victim of domestic violence and she has gone through so much hardship to survive.She barely could feed and worst still to find a home of her own.She has been a nanny or house-help for many people. That still didn’t work for her because when it was time for them to pay  her they would frame all sorts of stories just so that they wouldn’t have to pay her. Then they would send her out of their house. But this didn’t stop Melisa from reaching her dreams.She is determined to make a difference by going back to school and connecting to her dreams.

“Don’t let any situation stop you from achieving your goals”

Even poverty cannot separate me from my dreams.

Ernesta is the lone girl in a family of five.She is eight years old.She is also a beneficiary of the 2016 Girl’s Scholarship Support Program of MOHCAM.She is also surrounded by poverty and is always seen copying her notes through the window.Her mother cannot pay her fee because of ill health and she is a single parent.She lost her husband and has five children to educate.She is a drop out from school and is a farmer. She can’t afford proper health service and education to her children.So Ernesta wants to become a nurse so that she can have the opportunity to help many people in the hospital.MOHCAM is connecting Ernesta to her dream by providing her with the Girl’s Scholarship Support Program for one year.

When There Is a Will, There Is Certainly a Way!

They are many girls who need our support but due to limited resources we can’t meet to their demands.But you can change the life of a girl by keeping her in school with your donation and educational support through our Girl’s Scholarship Support Program.We receive books crayons,pens, just any thing which will boost an underprivileged girl in school.

Just sent us an email at motherofhopecameroon@gmail.com or call us on (+237) 673540517 or send us a mail at Mother of Hope Cameroon,P O Box 229,Savannah Junction,North West Region-Cameroon.


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