The Situation of Women and Girls in Cameroon

I met a strong and powerful advocate for women and girls, Adah Mbah, who is dedicated and passionate about working in human rights, women’s rights, sexual reproductive health, gender equality, gender based violence and youth development  She is the founder and executive director of a non-profit organization called Mother of Hope Cameroon (MOHCAM), which focuses on improving the lives of women and girls in Cameroon, especially when it comes to domestic violence and sexual reproductive health.

She is also a researcher and pursuing a second maters at the Institute of International Relationships Cameroon, where she is acquiring training in peace, gender and human rights.  She holds a masters degree in Peace and International Relations from University of Dschang, a bachelor degree in history from University of Yaounde I, and also a diploma in 1st and 2nd grade (early childhood) education from ENS Bambili Annex and ENS Yaounde.

Because I want my American and foreign friends and family learn more about the situation of women and girls in Cameroon, I spent some time interviewing her as she has some eye-opening information to share.

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The Situation of Women and Girls in Cameroon



2 thoughts on “The Situation of Women and Girls in Cameroon

  1. Enjoyed reading about cameroonian women, i live in the usa and i would like to learn more on how i can be a service to your organization

    1. Hello Kevin Williams,
      I am so glad you love reading about Cameroonian women and most important learning about them.
      I wish to ask you field of specialty. What can you do best for the organization in terms of development and enhancing its goals. I will be hoping to read from you.

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