Enhancing Women Leadership to End the Stigma Surrounding Intimate Partner Violence- Metta Women of Peace (Meyi Eborobot)


In enhancing women’s leadership skills and preventing intimate partner violence, Mohcam paid a visit to the Metta Women of Peace (Meyi Eborobot) of the North West Region on the 21st of August 2016 to present a talk under the theme Enhancing Women Leadership to End the Stigma around intimate partner violence. The meeting was attended by 50 participants.The program started at 2:30pm with an opening prayer and the introduction of the Mohcam the team. This was immediately followed by a presentation on leadership, bringing to light the importance of  women as peace makers and  leaders in the world.


The women were also educated on the relationship which exists between leadership and team work and also the essence of team work in the realization of the goals of the group. This was closely followed by a second presentation on the intimate partner violence, its forms and how it affects the leadership skills and potentials of women in the execution of their roles as mothers, mentors and leaders. They were further educated on the importance of breaking the silence around intimate partner violence and reporting cases of violence in order to break free from the chains of violence.


After the two presentations there was a ‘’ carton rouge’’ session where red cards were used to point out unacceptable behaviors like jealousy, comparism, laziness, late coming, immorality and greed. The next talk was on the use of washable pads and a question and answer session.


The program ended with a thank you speech from the founding President of the Metta Women for Peace group

Mohcam5expressing appreciation and joy to have been educated by her children and blessed the MOHCAM team encouraging her to go ahead with the good work. The last item was the donation of female condoms to the women as a gift from MOHCAM.



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