PICOn the 25th August 2016,  at the Center for People Living with Special Needs,Mohcam in collaboration with Aidirkings Foundation, Agnes Foundation for the Deaf and Vulnerable and the Coordinating Unit for Associations of Persons Living with Disabilities educated 30 girls living with disability on their sexual reproductive health rights.IMG_20160825_193537The programme was aimed at educating girls living with disability on family planning,the use of contraceptives,menstrual hygiene management and also to distribute some 30 Kmerpad washable sanitary pads which had been donated to Mohcam by Mr Paul Chefor of Addax Petroleum Cameroon Company LLC.

Some few months ago Mohcam lunched her  Sanitary Pads Campaign for Underprivileged Girls. As a Goodwill ambassador for humanity and a father, Mr Paul Chefor understands the financial challenges faced by parents having children with disability and worst till girls living with disability who have to be provided with pads monthly for menstruation.So he decided to donate a sum of 90,000frs($153.7726) for 30 washable sanitary Kmerpad Kits for 30 girls living with disability.A Kmerpad kite cost 3000frs($5.1258) and can be bought at the Mohcam office.Kmerpad is a Cameroonian Association which produces washable pads and works in partnership with Mohcam.

A presentation on family planning methods and the use of contraceptives, was done by Chaikof Rachel, a Peace Corps volunteer in Cameroon. She presented the different forms of family planning methods available and also mentioned the advantages of family planning in relation to poverty reduction.

That was closely followed by a presentation on Menstrual hygiene and sanitation by Joyceline Sama. She illustrated to the girls the usage and preservation of the washable pads. This includes proper body care during menstruation and how to calculate the menstrual cycle. The girls were also educated on the benefits of the usage of washable pads in relations to it’s financial and environmental sustainability.

The last presentation focused on creating more awareness on the causes of Down Syndrome, It’s rate of occurrence, the different forms of down syndrome,and  it’s available statistics.This was one of the Laurette from the Aidirkings Foundation.After the awesome presentations, this was immediately followed by the distribution some menstrual products like Washable Pads, Pants,Pocket Calendars and educative health magazines to the girls.

The girls were so happy as they expressed the joy of haven been part of the program and they also appreciated their gifts,most especially their washable pads.They expressed their gratitude and prayed for many more opportunities like this, for they are often abandoned in their struggles.

Thank you Mr Paul Chefor  of Addax Petroleum Cameroon Company LLC for your donation.






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