Sirri Cynthia Wakuna- New Program Coordinator For Mother of Hope Cameroon

Sirri Cynthia Wakuna Ngang is the New Program Coordinator of Mother of Hope Cameroon (MOHCAM). She is currently an undergraduate student in Women and Gender Studies at the University of Buea-Cameroon.


She believes in gender equality, human rights, justice and peace. She believes that young people have a part to play in Peace building and in the prevention of violence extremism in the world.


Cynthia is a mentor,a volunteer, a youth leader and motivational speaker. She is committed to change the mindset of young Cameroonians to take up the mantle of leadership.


She is passionate about the education of the girl.She is interested in developmental issues and is working towards the realization of the sustainable development Goals in Cameroon by 2030. #I am Goal 5.

She is an advocate for the rights of the girls and a campaigner for Let Girls Learn.She has educated more than 500 women and girls on their sexual reproductive health rights in schools,universities and prisons in Cameroon.

She is a success story  of Mohcam.She was empowered and mentored by Mohcam in the Commonwealth and Gender Clubs respectively in GBHS Down Town Bamenda.

She’s has been part of Mohcam since it’s creation.Working with Mohcam as a volunteer has given her a wide range of experience in women’s and youth issues.

This has helped her discover her potentials in public speaking and Leadership. Mother of Hope Cameroon has further instilled in her the spirit of cooperation and team work.12715285_580362758792982_5540174944551800627_nShe is an easy going person and has the ability to cope with diversity.She is commitment to improve on violence extremism, youth unemployment and participation.12794340_585336438295614_8781583165890562120_nAs the New Program Coordinator of Mohcam, She promises to dedicate her services to educate and transform the lives of the underprivileged..To give hope to the hopeless and to be a change maker in the organization.13255953_952310831546976_4119874464294219886_n





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