Girl’s Leadership and Mentoring Programme On Menstrual Hygiene Management-Bamenda.

IMG_20160816_194814.jpgOn the 16th of August 2016, Mohcam organized a  Girl’s Leadership and Mentoring Programme on Menstrual Hygiene Management for 20 underprivileged Muslim Girls aged 10-15, in Bamenda. The programme was aimed at educating the girls on menstruation and also to  distribute  reused sanitary pads which had been donated to Mohcam.Some few months ago Mohcam received 22 washable FemPads and 40 female pants as donation for her  Sanitary Pads Campaign for Underprivileged Girls  from Sharon Multani-colebrook Coordinator of FemPads -UK.

This was to be distributed to underprivileged Muslim girls. Some modalities were put in place by the Mohcam for the selection of girls.Finally 20 poor but intelligent girls were selected as FemPads’s beneficiaries.

It was very interesting working with the girls and breaking their beliefs and conceptions surrounding menstruation. Most of the girls confessed it was the first time they were having such a programme.They attested it  was very difficult discussing about menstruation with their fathers and that menstruation was basically  a woman’s issue and their mothers were at the centre.

But unfortunately, how many mothers freely discuss menstrual education with their girls? The girls confessed that they were ashamed talking about menstruation. Some considered menstruation as nasty, dirty and painful.

Our amazing Mohcam team mates, Loveline Muma and Joyce Sama helped them to understand why menstruation was the key to life. They were giving a lesson on menstruation and the menstrual cycle and how it’s calculated.

IMG_20160816_200059The girls were trained on how to make their menstrual bracelets.This bracelet were designed and made by the Mohcam team to help girls how to calculate their menstrual cycle.This is aimed at preventing early pregnancy and school drop outs.


Mohcam is sensitizing women and girls on the importance of reused sanitary pads .Mohcam in her fight to promote sexual reproductive health education in schools and rural communities is advocating for free menstrual kits in schools and rural communities. This will improve girl’s education and development.

Mohcam members taught the young girls to understand the changes in their bodies and cope with the challenges that come with menstruation. They were taught how to use, wash and preserve their pads. Most of the girls use towels and they were happy with this donation which will go along way to help them fight against poverty and  help keep them at school during menstruation.After the demonstrations and interactions,the  girls all pledged to break the silence on Menstruation.

They wished they had more pads in future and that is why Mohcam is requesting support for sewing machines to establish a  reused sanitary pad workshop which will produce and train more girls in schools and rural communities how to make their own pads.

The  girl’s Leadership and mentoring pragramme ended up with the distribution of the pads and the female pants.The girls each received a FemPads  reused  kite and three female pants.They were thankful for their gift as they smiled home.


A huge thank you to FEMPADS – It’s a girl Thing, for your donation and support.

Mohcam Thank you









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