My Future Female Condom Campaign

Joyce Future condom campaign

 Mohcam continues her  Campaign on the sensitization on the usage and education of women and girls on the female condoms and contraceptives in Cameroon.

Sensitasation on Female Condoms

My Future Condom should do not be too Big and must be Available.


MOHCAM is engaging and educating  more women and girls to express their views on what they think should be done to improve the effective use of female condoms and why most women do not use female condoms.


Demonstration on how women and girls should be able to use the female condom


This Campaign commemorates the Global Female Condom Day which is celebrated yearly on the 16th of September.


Women still find it very difficult buying a condom and worst still talking about it.”Women believe a condom is man’s thing”.


Women and Girls ‪#‎TakeAStandForChange‬ with the Female Condom for the fight against HIV/AIDS,STI’s,Teenage Pregnancies and family planning.


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