Breaking the Chains of Modern Slavery

Say No High Bride Price

Say No to the High Payment of Bride Price

Should the property the groom gives to the bride and family members – cars, goats,pigs,blankets, money, fridges, and other things – in the form of the “bride price”be refunded.Because When a marriage failed, some men would go back to the woman’s family home to demand a return of their property.

The return of the bride price connotes that the woman in marriage was some sort of a loan. But even on sales, the goods once sold cannot be returned or goods once used cannot be refunded. If that cannot be done in respect to common goods like goats, why should it be applied to a woman in marriage?

Not withstanding it’s “unfair” for the parents of the woman to be asked to refund the bride price after years of marriage, saying it was unlikely they should have kept the properties which were freely offer as gifts and as a token of love.

When married women who are abused complain, they are reminded about the property that was given to their parents and may feel compelled to stay if their parents are unable to pay back the bride price.According to UN figures, an estimated 40% of girls married before they are 18, with a high number of child marriages.
If the groom want their bride price refunded,Can they refund the services and time they have spent with their brides?


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