Menstruation Matters: The Blood

Menstrual Education gives girls in rural communities the building blocks to rebuild their lives and, eventually, their country.”


Mohcam is a nonprofit organization which promotes the rights of women and  youths. Advoctes for peace,security and fights against all abuses. Mohcam empowers victims of violence with Leadership silks which Inspires,Motivates and Promotes social justice. Mohcam also propagates a culture of peace building in homes and communities Mohcam works with schools and communities and partners to make her dream a success.

In September 2015,Mohcam embarked on educating adolescent girls in schools and rural communities of Mubang/Ntasen,Widikum Subdivision,Boassa-Buea and also female inmates in the Buea central prison.From a survey conducted by Mohcam it was realized that 70% of Adolescent girls in rural schools and prisons have no access to Portable and Safe Sanitary Pads Products.



Mother of hope Buea  visited to female inmates of the Buea central prison.To donate sanitary pads and other food items and also had an education talk on menstrual hygiene.Mohcam is concerned about improving the reproductive health of  women and girls.

Prison visit Buea 4

Prison Visit Buea 3

Prison visit Buea 1

Adolescent all over the world have the opportunity to reach their dreams if and only a
positive drive is built in them that is the right information to nurture their potentials in
the right direction.
The Mohcam  Sanitary Pads Campaign for Underprivileged Girls in rural communities seeks to give the girl child an equal chance to compete and lead a fulfilled life.Girls in Cameroon miss 4 days of school per month on average when they are menstruating due to a lack of menstrual hygiene knowledge and resources.They are pulled out of school, married early, and are more likely to be subjected to violence.
They are faced with teenage pregnancies,and are highly  exposed to infectious diseases like HIV/AIDS. 5.7% school girls get pregnant at the age of 15-19. Contraceptive usage among adolescent is 12.2%, Girls in rural communities also have less opportunity to be educated, are more at risk of gender-based violence, breast ironing and they are faced with greater risk of economic and sexual exploitation. These challenges and other obnoxious cultural taboos as concerns menstruation negatively affect the admission and retention of girls in schools.
With your Sanitary Pads donations girls in rural communities will become more confident,will have a  high self-esteem, and this will reduce shame about puberty and their bodies. Mohcam believes that your donations will increase school attendance rates and will improve girls’ quality of education, and by effect, their economic opportunities.

The Sanitary pads campaign is aimed at donating sanitary pads to 5Million underprivileged girls by 2020

–  Improve school attendance among rural girls
-Provide rural girls with sustanible sanitary pads and comprehensive menstrual education
– Increase the self-esteem and creativity of rural girls to fight against poverty
The Sanitary Pads Campaign targets school-going girls from rural communities and prisons.Mohcam has distributed 550  free sanitary pads and Mohcam’s health magazine to all underprivileged girls in rural communities and schools in Cameroon.


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