Pushing boundaries and changing the norm: the fight for gender equality


The battle for women’s rights is a universal struggle that transcends borders, cultures, and communities. This year, Equitas’ International Human Rights Training Program is welcoming those who dedicate their lives to breaking down barriers that are keeping women from reaching their full potential. For many, it is a lonely and trying fight in their communities. It’s a way of life, a commitment, and a personal duty. Here is one of their stories:

Adah Atoh Epse Mbah Muyang- Cameroon

Adah, a mother of three and a teacher in Cameroon, knows all too well the struggle for women in a country where freedom of expression can be quite limited and often discouraged.

That is why she founded Mother of Hope Cameroon (MOHCAM), an organization that works with women and young girls in various functions; namely in helping young mothers navigate the bumpy transition from youth to motherhood. MOHCAM also fights against any form of Gender Based Violence, due to the high prevalence of domestic violence in the community.

Pushing Boundaries


Pushing boundaries and changing the norm: the fight for gender equality



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