End Stigma On Intimate Partner Violence/Survivor

Mother of Hope Cameroon in partnership with See the Triumph in her International Ambassador Program lunches the Campaign to End the Stigma around Intimate Partner Violence and to provide supportive resources for survivors with Women Leaders of Social Groups. The campaign was attend by Seventeen Women leaders from different groups in Bamenda. This train the trainees workshop was organized on the 12th of February 2016 at the head office of MOHCAM in Savannah Street-Bamenda.

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See the Triumph campaign was aimed at putting at end to the stigma surrounding intimate partner violence and to provide supportive resources for survivors. The intent was also to share empowering messages that people can overcome their abuse and create positive, nonviolent lives, describing strategies that have worked for other survivors to help them overcome their abuse and

the stigma related to it; and to promote a new view of battering survivors that shows them as triumphant, courageous, and resourceful. This will empower the participants to fight against poverty and the marginalization of women and girls in leadership and unemployment. The campaign  met it objective as Mrs Adah Mbah, the executive director of MOHCAM expresses the need for young girls undergoing such stigma to stand and speak, as well as knowing their basic human rights. Mrs Mbah emphasized that participants take upon the workshop to educate their members to fight against the stigma surrounding intimate partner violence and survivors in communities.

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The program directors of MOHCAM, Muma Loveline and Butla Joyceline elaborated on the aims and objectives of MOHCAM which are to advocate and sensitize women and girls on domestics violence.

The enigma that prompted this workshop was the fact that so many women and young girls suffer violence and are threaten by fear so cannot stand up for their rights. Participants raised critical points on why this practice is still common in our societies, some of which are;

  • Most girls feels inferior to their partners
  • The women are reluctant because of certain cultural norms
  • Illiteracy is one of the major cause as women and girls are seen as house wife, rather than contributing to the family welfare.
  • The lack of parental guidance and home up bringing was also mentioned as parents play a key role in reducing this stigma.

We must do more together as a fight to this stigma of violence that in the nearest future will be very destructive thereby poisoning our society. It is better to speak now, feel the pain and smile in the future than to suffer in silence.

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