“Encourage A Girl To Learn” Break the Silence on Sexual Violence


As a young girl who has been a victim of sexual violence in my university,I am troubled and beaten by guilt, when i watch innocent girls loosing their virginity, trapped and exploited sexually in schools and universities.Sexually transmitted marks is back in the universities and secondary schools were.intelligent students are deprived form their positions by unscrupulous lecturers and teachers.

Surely you understand and you can remember when you’re threatened and punished for no crime committed.You were forced to repeat a course just because you refused the demands of your lecturer or teacher.Many girls have been contaminated by their HIV infected teachers.

It hurts to see this happen.So break the silence.

“I know what it feels like to struggle to get the education that you need”. But again “Success is only meaningful and enjoyable if it feels like your own.” Michelle Obama

Millions of young girls are dropping out of schools and Universities in Cameroon because of the Must Marry Syndrome and they feel pregnancy is a guarantee to tide a man or their boyfriends into marriage. The high rate of HIV/AIDS in schools and communities speaks for itself. Sub-Saharan Africa is presently the most  affected region by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. According to the UNAIDS GAP Report,36.7 million living with HIV/AIDS. Adolescent girls and young women accounting for one in four new HIV infections in the region, therefore, every day in Sub-Saharan Africa 1000 girls and young women are infected with HIV. Lack of access to education is a deterrent for girls when making informed decisions about SRH issues. Knowledge and awareness play a significant role in impacting on skills and behaviour,

How should girls learn when teachers date teachers and teachers date students in the schools and universities? Teachers who are regarded as parents and mentors date their students and ex-students? Where should the girls find protection when they are exploited sexually? Their rights to education are violated and their ignorance exposed?

A paradox of all of this is the complete isolation of girls with disabilities in most rural communities in Cameroon. They are abandoned to find out their own solutions when we talk about their sexual and educational rights. The deaf girls are seen as beggars on the streets and in every bus stop for survival. Many of them lack basic menstrual kites and educational facilities. The absence of sign language teachers make it very difficult for them to interact and integrate with their peers in the schools and communities. It’s so common to find a girl with disability pregnant with no man responsible for her pregnancy. They are exploited by unscrupulous and irresponsible boys and men. They hardly find true love and those who are employed find only men who want to come steal from them. They are the bread winners in most of their homes despite their disabilities. More girls with disability need your encouragement to Learn. They need your support, so save a girl find her dreams.

 On the other hand,the Android generation as they are called, also have lots of problems.They have lost their focus.They can be seen using their internet connections and phones more to chat and watch porn videos rather than researching to improve on their learning capacities. They are busy posting seductive pictures and reconnecting with their boyfriends and ex-boyfriends. They can hardly write, spell nor read correctly. This is greatly affecting the quality and results in our educational systems.


The blame can  also be  examined on the quality of teachers in the primary and secondary schools and worst still the rampant teacher absenteeism in search for greener pastures, higher educational carriers to improve their living standards. The educational policy of approving schools with no infrastructures, no teachers just in every village influenced by some high personalities in power, elites and politicians is also a problem. The sustainability of those schools greatly depends on the elites and parents in those communities. The Parents Teachers Associations PTA employs part time teachers whose qualifications are determined by the head teachers or principles. Most of these teachers lack the professionalism to handle and teach the students under their control. What kind of future are we building by 2030, when our educational values are sinking? Many girls are enrolled in such schools and they miss out their dreams. Should we just watch this happen? When we want to achieve the Sustainable Developmental goal 3.4and 5.Just Encourage A Girl To Learn and Kick out sexual exploitation in our schools and universities.





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