Gender and Common Wealth Club – Self Esteem and Social Interaction

Self EsteemSelf Esteem are common phenomenon that either hinders or promote the rights of the youths and precisely girls in our schools, home and communities today. Young girls and women with low self esteem turn to be more vulnerable to violence and hence a call for Social Interaction as a way of raising awareness thereby reducing violence.


The Gender and Common Club in collaboration with Mother of Hope Cameroon carried out a workshop at the Government Bilingual High School Downtowm (GBHS Downtown) Bamenda, Cameroon on the 18th February 2016, raising awareness on the issue of self esteem; a major cause of violence against youths and women in our schools and communities. The exercise started with students pasting out their goals and objectives. This was to enable them to have a clear idea of what the society holds and how low self esteem can hinder these goals and objectives, therefore the need to know who they want to become in life. The second exercise carried out with a demonstration of a plastic bag filled with sand and later pierced with a pen. This was to show how negativity as a result of low self esteem hinder the above set goals. To avoid these setbacks the key was self belief, courage and improve ways of thought rather than abusiveness. These were clear examples to enable the students understand how social interaction breaks low esteem and promote high esteem. Parents on the other hand have a key role to play so far as self esteem of the child is concern. This can be achieved through social dialogues in homes.


However another keys point raise on this occasion was the relationship between the child and the parents. In recent times experience has proven that social interaction between the child and the parents do not only curb down low esteem but have raised individuals who are more confident, courageous and goal driven. Mother of Hope Cameroon finally stamped it presence by enacting a social interacting song referred to as “You’re welcome, We love you , Come again, Stay with us”

Finally, Mother of Hope Cameroon and its collaborators emphasizes to all that they best way to fight low esteem, hence violence in our communities is through social interaction and of which a song to remember can be the perfect way of achieving such a theme.

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Hope to share more in the next post.




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