H.E Ama Tutu Muna: The Mother of Women and Girls.

H.E Ama Tutu Muna(Minister of Culture of Cameroon) the mother of women and girls is the cradle of the North West women Empowerment Forum (NOWWEF). NOWWEF is a National Women’s Forum created in 2007 with objectives to advance leadership, cultures and economic empowerment of women. The forum connects women of significant and diverse achievement for the purpose of idea exchange, inspiration and learning. The forum is made up of members of the seven divisions of the North West Region. Her Excellency Ama Tutu Muna is also on record to have initiated the Mbengwi Women Cooperative to combat the plight of the rural woman.She is a philanthropist and a tool for women development. She has been able to put so much smiles on the faces of many women from the North West Region. Her vision for cultural preservation has been the pillar of progress to all women and girls. “She is a Mother and Model of Kindness, giving Hope to the Hopeless”. Her inspiration and donations of the women’s day fabric and money for sewing is the joy she has created to millions of women since 2007. Her Excellency Ama Tutu Muna’s gestures have been a binding force and weapon of success to all Women.

Hotel De Ville Yaounde

  On the 25th of February 2015, Her Excellency Ama Tutu Muna again invited the members of NOWWEF for their yearly randez-vous. It was a bright afternoon and you could see women of all classes hurrying to Hotel De Ville Yaounde. Her name was on every lips and the women and girls were all anxious to hear their mother, Her Excellency Ama Tutu Muna the minister of culture speak.

MOHCAMThey all wanted to be part of her free will donation of the fabric of the 2015 international day of the woman. You could see most of them already imagining their beautiful fabric.You could even see some of them pointing at some other women who were beautiful dressed suggesting the latest styles they were going to sew. The hall was congested with women and girls. One could hardly find the way to the stage.The women were more than a thousand with 500 women seating in the hall. Many others were standing  by the windows.Some others were busy conversing outside and waiting for the distribution proper.

2015 Women Fabric

The minister finally arrived and all the women were clamoring for joy. She was over whelmed with the coward because it had doubled the number of the past years. She congratulated the women and promised, that they were all going to receive their fabrics through their groups presidents for easy distribution. She urged the women to turn out massively for the peace work and for the match pass celebration on the international day of the woman, the 8th of March 2015.The women were all satisfied as they moved home hoping to receive their fabrics form their various groups.You could see many groups discussing with their presidents after the minister had left.The presidents congratulated their members,promising them, they were going to communicate them when to collect the fabrics.I was attracted by the Meta Women Cultural Group (MEWUCUDA) coordinated by the president Ma Rosaline Fogwe.

META WOMEN Her Excellency Ama Tutu Muna in one of the women’s forum encouraged the women to dream big and be hardworking for “you can’t achieve big things if you do not dream big”. This can only be possible if you remain positive and be free from all forms of hate. As North West women from different cultural backgrounds living together in the different regions, She  has created an environment where women can progress with the exchange of ideas and live in harmony. Hard work and efficiency have continued to be the qualities that define her. Her Excellency Ama Tutu Muna has and is still supporting the efforts of women and girls in several domains. Her role as a mentor has re-ignited hope in the poor women who have become agents of change in their homes and communities. She is the dream of every woman and every woman wants to part of NOWWEF.  Thank You, Your Excellency for “Making It Happen” in the life’s of women and girls’.Thank You for all the Love you have shown to them since 2007. May God Richly Bless You.

Mbah Adah Muyang (Executive Director Mother of Hope Cameroon)



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